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Public Adjuster vs Attorney: Make the Right Choice for Your Insurance Claim

When the unexpected happens, homeowners look to their insurance policy to cover damage to their property or belongings, expecting a fair settlement for their sustained loss. Unfortunately, the compensation doesn’t always end up being an equitable distribution of your loss.

Suddenly, as a homeowner, you might find yourself in a position where you need to choose between hiring a public adjuster or an attorney to advocate for your loss. What is the best choice?

Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster

A public adjuster is your best advocate when dealing with an insurance settlement. Here are a few reasons why to hire a public adjuster:


The claims process can be long and arduous. A public adjustor will work to move things along and let you put your loss behind you. As your advocate, the public adjuster knows the claims process well and will be able to help you avoid common delays when working with the insurance company. A quick resolution will allow you to get past this event and move on with your life quickly.

Hiring an attorney to file a lawsuit can take a long time to navigate the court system. Additionally, should your insurance company lose the case, they may appeal, further drawing the case out.

Attention to Details  

The primary responsibility of a public adjuster is to thoroughly assess your insurance policy, pinpoint any damages, and optimize every aspect of your claim. Their sole dedication is towards achieving the most favorable outcome for you, alleviating any concerns about overlooked details. Public adjusters obtain a license from their state’s insurance department, which means they have the expertise to help uncover various types of damages you can claim that might otherwise go overlooked. Typically, attorneys do not specialize in homeowner claims but frequently hire public adjustors to help with homeowner insurance cases.


In addition to dealing with this unexpected loss, you have your own family and work to attend to. Filing an insurance claim can be time-consuming and overwhelming, pulling you away from other responsibilities. Hiring a public adjuster lets you focus on what is essential, knowing they handle your insurance claim.


Public adjusters are invested in your settlement because they get paid only if they recover damages on your behalf. In contrast, attorneys typically charge between thirty and forty percent of the total settlement, usually more than the public adjuster.

Superior Settlement  

Public adjusters excel in assessing the extent of damage, such as water damage incurred following a covered incident. They often surpass the proficiency of insurance adjusters designated by your insurer in accurately valuing the damage.

In contrast, attorneys rarely directly evaluate the extent of your damages. Instead, they typically delegate this task to a third party for investigation, resulting in estimates often lacking the precision a public adjuster offers.

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