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Water damage


Water damage is one of the most common types of property claims filed with insurance providers. In the United States. According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage accounts for one out of every four claims filed, generating losses to homeowners in the thousands of dollars.

Fire damage


The first policy ever created to protect property was a fire policy. The aftermath of a house fire can be overwhelming. Whether or not the property is considered a total loss, homeowners have to deal not only with the financial loss, but also the emotional toll that this type of traumatic event brings. Although people tend to feel vulnerable after a fire, they take comfort in the fact that they have a good homeowner’s insurance policy. What they don’t know is that their insurance company will most likely fight them at every step of the claims process. It is important that after contacting 911, you call our public adjusters.



Lightning damage claims are commonplace in the United States, with an average of 7100 claims filed per year with payouts around $10,500. Our team of adjusters and other experts will work together to confront the insurance company and provide the best solution to get your property back to the way it was before the loss occurred.

Hurricane destruction


Our hurricane damage experts are here to help you through the insurance claim process, ensuring you receive the maximum settlement you deserve. With years of experience in storm and hurricane damage assessment, we will help you get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. Roof leaks can occur for a variety of reasons, but the most common cause is damage caused by severe weather conditions, such as high winds, heavy rains and storms. This is especially strong during the long annual rainy season in some parts of the United States. We have professionals in the area who can help you check your roof and verify its condition.



Hail forms in clouds during thunderstorms, where most of the cloud cover is below freezing. When hail storms strike, they can cause significant damage to homes, businesses and other property, requiring many to file an insurance claim and we are here to help.



When we have security problems and criminals damage your property we can help you get insurance coverage for the damages caused by these people. We will take care of recovering the maximum amount of these losses.

Tornado damage


Tornadoes are spinning columns of air from thunderstorms that reach the ground and cause damage to everything in their path, with wind speeds of over 200 mph at their most violent, our tornado damage experts are here to assist you in the insurance claim process.

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